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- Pasteurisers

- Cryogenic freezing equipment

- Miliking machine components

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REM/DX 1050-15000ltr

Tanks made by Packo Inox nv


Made entirely of stainless steel aisi 304
Horizontal tank with laser welded evaporator
Constructed of st. st. aisi 304
Chassis with solid leg construction and adjustable feet
Flat manhole with swiveling cover with rubber seal
Detachable air vent
2 milk openings 80mm
For tanks up to 2100ltr:Tank outlet 50mm, self washing outlet with butterfly valve DN 50
For tanks above 2100ltr:Tank outlet 80mm, self washing outlet with butterfly valve DN 50 or DN 65
“Self washing outlet” easy to upgrade
Tanks above 2100ltr with a st.st. ladder
Components 1~230V 50Hz
Milk temperature control with operating unit iControl
Two adjustable set points
Deep cooling (1.9ºC)
Full automatic logging of cooling, agitation, cleaning and possible errors
Thanks to the free evaporation and proper mixing of the milk the heat exchange is optimal
A high cooling capacity is guaranteed
1 or 2 agitators depending on the capacity
Cooling pipes pre-mounted with thermostatic expansion valves
Cleaning with 2 automatic dosage cups for detergents
Automatic water level control for optimal filling and low water usage
High pressure dynamic Packo-Rotorjet system with spray balls in agitator blades
Vertically mounted stainless steel cleaning pump, no risk of freezing
Available options:
Warning messages sent by SMS
Timer for manual cooling and cleaning
ECO-WASH cleaning
Tank adapted to AMS milking
OCULUS tank guard to monitor all tank functions
PACAP digital volume indication with LED display
Bottom filling
Flow meter alcaline detergent.
All tanks are designed, manufactured and tested according to international standards
Tank conform EN 13732