Milk Collection and transportation Tankers

Ermicon Tankers are made entirely of stainless steel aisi 304

Capacity 2000-25000ltr
Elliptical or cylindrical shape
Separated compartments
St. st. Manhole Φ450 with manhole cover
Double active valve
Inlet and outlet collector with butterfly valves DN50/DN65
Stainless steel ladder
Corridor on the top of the tank with banister
Stainless steel bicycle protection bars, optional
According to American and European standards
Eco-friendly polyurethane foam Insulation (sandwich)
Cleaning installation with spray balls in each compartment for connecting to the factory CIP 

Metering system GEA DIESSEL installed in a cabinet behind or on the side of the tanker.

Hydraulic system constituted of:

Hydraulic pump, which will be adapted to the PTO of the vehicle
Oil container
Electromagnetic valve for the automatic operation of the milk pump by the metering system and a safety valve
Hydraulic pipes
Self priming milk pump with hydraulic motor
Air eliminator with de-aeration valve
Metering system with metering unit accuracy 2‰
Temperature sensor
Printer for print out of receipt to each supplier and total tour analysis

Barcode reader
Data transfer to PC
SMS after each collection
Heating for the cabinets

Metering Systems on tankers