Fristam Pumps

Ermicon is representing in Greece the wordlwide known stainless steel FRISTAM PUMPEN.

FRISTAM PUMPEN is having a big range of pumps.


  - Centrifugal Pumps FP : Universal, gentle on the product, robust, low maintenance, durable and economic - centrifugal pumps are the ideal solution for your application.

- Cetrifugal Pumps FPH: A further development of the Fristam FP Series, the FPH feature all their advantages combined with specific abilities for high-pressure applications.
- Cetrifugal Pumps FZ: The universal solution for high suction performance.
- Cetrifugal Pumps FM: For reliable pumping in the high pressure range.


- Positive Dispacement Pumps FL: The Fristam FL design ensures transfer and effective product protection at high volumetric flow rates up to 70m3/h. (Viscosities 100.000mPas, Pressure up to 12bar)
- Positive Displacement Pumps FK: Optimum suction performance, high efficiency and the gentle product handling when pumping high-viscosity products. (Flow rates up to 25m3/h, Viscosities up to 1.000.000mPas, Pressure up to 20bar)
- Positive Displacement Pumps FKL: Excellent suction performance and effective product protection at high volumetric flow rates up to 120m3/h. (Viscosities 1.000.000mPas, Pressure up to 35bar)


Shear pump is homogenising, dispersing, emulsifying and dissolving. Produce multiphase products of consistent high quality, again and again.

Fristam has developed a flexible powder mixer based on the shear pump. This universal unit was specially designed to dissolve/emulsify and homogenise wet and dry ingredients into fluids.