Special Stainless Steel Constructions

Stainless steel tanks

  • Storage Tanks
  • Cooling Silos
  • Double wall tanks
  • CIP Systems, manual or automatic
  • Filter tanks
  • Boilers with use of steam or hot water
  • MIxing silos for juices, cola etc.
  • Mixing tanks for shampoo, creams etc.
  • Pasteurizers
  • Special agitation tanks. Representing the German Company PRG Präzisions-Rührer in Greece, Ermicon is able to offer solutions to its customers regarding specialized and difficult mixing processes, by installing PRG Agitators to its tanks.
Installations, Pipe networks
Ermicon designs and perform installations as stainless steel pipe networks.
Stationary metering systems for collecting milk at the diary
Mobile systems on stainless steel base with wheels can be used to meter the incoming or outgoing milk at a diary.
It is consisted of:
- Metering unit and electric components in a stainless steel cabinet
- Air eliminator
- Self priming milk pump
- Milk filter
- Non return valve
- In-line sight glass
- Temperature sensor
- Pipe outlet with butterfly valve DN 50
- Printer
- Sampler
- Barcode reader
- Data transfer
Metering Systems connected to Diary's PLC to:
- Receive the milk from the tankers
- Metering the incoming milk
- Control the temperature of the milk
- Take a sample of whole receiving quantity 
- Send directly the data to the lab through cable or GSM
- CIP of the tankers after the receiption of the milk
Ermicon is working with GEA-DIESSEL in flow metering, in-line metering and analyzing for milk, soft drinks, beer and cosmetic products.

Stationary metering systems installations